Privacy Policy

Last updated: Jan 18, 2017

This privacy policy applies to and all child directories.

By using this website, various information such as your IP address, browser version, and other details may be collected. By signing up to sing up to sing in Karaoke, information such as your Minecraft username, Teamspeak name, and other signup information will be collected. Additionally, by signing up as a Karaoke Team member, information such as your account activity, email, Slack account, and other information may be collected. We will almost never email you (the email is mainly used for logging in), but if we do, there's a good reason! You can always unsubscribe if they are becoming a burden, as well. No private nor identifying information will be sold.

Cookies are used on this site. Cookies are small text files in your browser that store information. In order to use this site, you need to make sure your browser cookies are enabled, or else you will not be able to access any content (the same goes for Javascript).

Google AdSense, which you can read about by clicking here, is currently not enabled on this website although it may be in the near future.

Do Not Track headers are not guaranteed to be honored in any specific location on this website.

You will not be notified of any changes made to this page. If you wish to know if something has changed, you will have to check back here and look at the "Last updated" date.